What to Expect

We have brought together amazing providers, diagnostic tools, and cutting edge treatment methods to be used together to provide you with the most comprehensive and all-encompassing plan of care specific to your condition and symptoms. We do not just provide standardized treatments for symptoms. No two plans are alike since no two people are alike.

You can expect a two-visit new patient process, which is one of the reasons why Vitality Medical Center has a high patient success rate. We thoroughly assess your condition and determine how your body will respond to our treatment programs.

Your First Visit

On your initial visit, you receive a thorough case history and a physical examination by our medical staff. We order necessary lab work that is needed at this time.

Your Second Visit

Prior to your second visit, our integrated health care team reviews your examinations and labs. Then, on your second visit the provider reviews your exam and lab findings with you. If our treatment program proves to be a good match for your condition, we outline a treatment plan, as well as the details of your insurance coverage.

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Vitality Medical Center is focused on getting results where others have failed.