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Tamara Johnson, MD

Tamara Johnson, MD is a family doctor and supervisor at Vitality Medical Center. Dr Johnson is pleased to be a part of a cutting edge clinic like Vitality and continues to look for new ways to help people as they age to restore normal function and live their best lives.

In addition to her work with Vitality, Dr. Johnson is the Medical Director for Region 2/Heartland Counseling and Consulting Clinics. Heartland is based in North Platte, NE and has 3 satellite clinics, which keep her busy. Dr. Johnson graduated from University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1984, where she began her residency and eventually went into Family Practice in Cambridge, NE in 1986. In 2003 Dr. Johnson took the position of Medical Director with Heartland.

Dr. Johnson enjoys spending time with her family, music, and golf.

Kelli Rickett FNP-C

Kelli is a family nurse practitioner, board certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and currently licensed to practice in the state of Colorado. Kelli began her career in nursing in 2006, and has been a family nurse practitioner since 2019. Her previous experience includes work in Integrative Medicine, PeriOp Services and Family Health Services. Kelli is qualified to diagnose and treat a wide array of conditions across the entire lifespan. She completed her Master Comprehensive exams with a focus on the importance of early inquiry of the provider for men’s and women’s sexual health, incontinence, and erectile dysfunction.  She is passionate about helping her patients achieve and maintain optimal wellness for their overall wellbeing and their relationships as they age.  Kelli believes in forging relationships with people to understand their health needs and goals and working collaboratively with each individual to develop a plan to achieve their best possible state of health. Kelli loves to volunteer for Project Cure Medical Clinic trips across the globe and Red Cross disaster services locally.  She enjoys cooking, gardening, canning, harvesting, working out, lake kayaking, hiking, off roading, camping, and just enjoying life. Kelli enjoys spending time at home with her family as well as getting out and about on the weekends here in the beautiful state of Colorado where she has lived for the past 11 years.   
“My mission is to advocate for and educate my patients in their healthcare journey; encompassing their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual needs and wellbeing. Knowing the importance of meeting patients where they are in their process is essential to my passion of education, advocacy, and preventative wellness. I love to work within the collaborative team at Vitality Medical Center, which is patient-centered and strives to put patients’ needs and outcomes first.”

Nicole Alessi - Case Manager

Nicole is a Colorado Native, graduated from Colorado State University and has enjoyed Northern Colorado ever since. For nearly 15 years she has worked with two different health organizations from the large corporate sector to a small private practice. Her passion is helping others live their lives to the fullest, especially in the health and wellness industry.

Verity Ketsdever - Front Desk

Verity is excited to join the administrative team at Vitality Medical Center. She believes each individual person is unique and works hard to instill trust and confidence in patients as they look to achieve their health goals. Verity is a life-long learner of health and wellness and is excited to serve patients as they seek natural solutions and move towards living their best lives. Verity is a Colorado native and in her free time she enjoys drive-in movies, cooking/baking, walking, mountain drives, sunsets, reading, camping, spending time with her daughter and church family. Pilates and paddling boarding are new hobbies she hopes to explore soon. She recently moved to Fort Collins with her teenage daughter and they are excited to put roots down and explore all Fort Collins has to offer.

Lauryn Milligan - Office Manager

Lauryn has her Master’s Degree in Business Management and prides herself as a habitual learner. She has been in a management position for 10 years and enjoys working with people and employees in a dynamic environment. She loves the unique services offered at Vitality Medical Center and is pleased to be a part of a team that prioritizes patient results. When she is not working, she enjoys the beautiful outdoors with her children, paddle boarding, running, snowboarding, biking and doing all things Colorado.

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