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Don't accept the unwanted changes in your body and performance as you age. With our advanced regenerative medicine treatment solutions you can rediscover your masculine edge, and get back to feeling your best.

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Through our advanced regenerative and men’s health services, men can rediscover the power of looking and feeling their best.  Vitality Medical Center offers a variety of health-care services designed specifically for men and the challenges they face with advancing age.  Being proactive in your mental and physical health now can help you enjoy an active, vibrant life well into the future.

A consultation with a member of our Vitality Medical Center team can reveal how you can empower your body to perform at its best. Men in their 30s and 40s tend to be healthy.  But, that age window defines when you really need to start thinking about preventive measures to keep yourself healthy as you age.  Investing in self-care is not indulgent. It’s responsible.

A recent Harvard Health study disclosed why it is important that men take time to focus on wellness and disease prevention. The fact remains that men have biological, social, behavioral factors that put them at risk for certain health challenges and struggles if they don’t keep themselves in check.

Perhaps you are already noticing some common symptoms that are your body’s way of telling you that it’s time to see a medical professional.  Do any of the below sound familiar?

  • Loss of energy and motivation.
  • Decreased muscle tone and increased fat storages, especially around the midsection.
  • Depression, irritability and mood swings.
  • Loss of libido and sexual function (often, erectile dysfunction).
  • Feeling fatigued, weak and tired, especially during the day.
  • Loss of mental clarity, or “brain fog”.
  • Decreased sense of well-being.

The following services for men offered at our clinic can help you maximize your day-to-day life experience:

Take a moment to review your exercise routine, diet, weight, sleep, and other lifestyle factors to assess areas for improvement. Vitality Medical Center is dedicated to helping you look, feel and perform at your best. Our total-body approach to male wellness offers a comprehensive plan to return you to the life you desire. Call today for a consultation!

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Our total-body approach to male wellness offers a comprehensive plan to return you to the life you desire.